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How do I set up my grill?

Barbecue Methods

If you have just bought yourself a brand new BBQ - Congratulations and welcome to the family! There are different ways of cooking on your BBQ and we have tried to explain them below! 

Direct – Grilling

Grilling on your BBQ is the most common way many of us use our grills. Direct cooking is used when cooking small pieces of meat such as burgers, sausages, and skewers. When using a charcoal BBQ, have the briquettes sitting evenly at the bottom of your grill, the cooking grill is back in position and place your food directly above the briquettes. Gas is virtually the same, ignite the burner you are using and position the food above it.

Indirect – Roasting

Indirect cooking is used when you are using larger pieces of meat such as a roast chicken or beef. If you were to place a whole chicken over a direct grilling set up, you would burn the bottom half of the meat and the top half would still be raw. When setting up your charcoal BBQ for indirect cooking, position the briquettes equally to either side of the grill leaving a gap in the middle. The food will then be placed above where there are no briquettes lit. Like the direct method, gas works in the same way. Keep the middle burner switched off and have the two outer burners set to medium. The food you are roasting will then sit above the non-lit burner.

Ring of Fire

This method is generally used when you are cooking pizzas, bread, or cakes on the BBQ. This method is more for charcoal BBQ’s where you can place the briquettes around the edge of the grill leaving the middle part empty. The allows for an even temperature while not burning the bottom of your pizza, for example.