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Buying Guide

Key things to consider: Here are some practical matters you will need to consider before making your choice 


Before you start looking at buying furniture, have an idea of where you are going to place it and know the size of the area. It makes it a lot easier to work out what will fit knowing your space!


Are you keeping the cushions in the garage or a shed? Have you thought about a storage box for all the cushions? Check if chairs can stacked and tables folded if that is something you need. The majority of our furniture can be left outside all year round only needing to bring in the cushions - so be ready! 

Wooden Furniture

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a perfect wooden furniture outside! Everything about wooden furniture is elegent and you will never totally have the same piece of wood, from its unique colours and markings. We love the unique nature of wood – you will never find the same bit of wooden furniture the same. They all have totally unique colours and markings. Wood fits easily into any traditional garden is designed for its durability and low maintenance. On a hot summers day, it will not get hot as it does not retain heat. Maintenance wise, it is classed a low maintenance as if you never wanted to touch it again, it will weather to a silver grey; if you like the colour you can apply some sort of teak protector or you can apply a teak shield which protects the table from general pollutants and stains. You may start to see some gaps forming and colour change - do not worry, this is normal for a natural product! 

Rattan Furniture

Easily our best selling style of furniture, rattan furniture has the soft lines, ultimate comfort and a sense of warmth that everyone loves. Rattan furniture is hand made using synthetic wicker plastic which offers the traditional look of wicker. Being weather resistant, lightweight and easy to clean - what is not to love about this range of furniture. 

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture offers that modern look which many of us are starting to full in love with. Avaliable in any style you please, it offers a huge variety when it comes to choosing your furniture. Metal furniture gives you that very low maintenance aspect as well, being hardwearing, durable and lightweight. The majority of our furniture is also comes with a rust free guarantee, so you can enjoy the set with out any worries. 

Types of Furniture

Dining Sets

Dining Sets help to create a friendly space outside where everyone can sit together and enjoy the company around them. We have avaliable 2 seat Bistro sets, to 10/12 seaters. Theres room for everyone to join! We range dining sets from rattan to metal and wooden - plus sets with a combination of both. 

Casual Dining Sets

With gardens getting smaller and how we use our green spaces changing, the casual diners offer a relaxed area as well as an aspect of dining in some ranges. This multipurpose set is one of our favourite sets we range. 


Chairs and Loungers

Do you see your garden as a relaxing space? Then try discovering our stylish chairs which range from reclining loungers to sunbeds onto hanging egg chairs. 


Looiking for something more traditional? Benches are a great addition to relax in a peaceful area to enjoy some close company or the scent of the flowers around you. Avaliable in a range of styles, lengths and wood, theres a bench for everyone! 

Garden Furniture Care

Caring for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can be no maintenance if you choose, or if you want the silver grey look but with out any stains or pollutant marks, apply teak shield to you table once every 6 months. If you want to bring back the orginal colour, use teak protector/oil when you feel like you need to rejuvenate the colour again.

Caring for Rattan

Cleaning rattan furniture is very easy, simply get some warm soapy water and clean where needed, wash down using a hose pipe. never use a scourer or presser washer on your furniture as this may damage it. Rattan furniture is weather resistant, UV protected and very durable. 

Caring for Metal Furniture

Metal furniture can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water, but don’t use a scourer as they cause scratches. Pressure washers should only be used on a low setting. Dry thoroughly to avoid water marks and streaks.

Caring for Hanging Egg Chairs

For care on the basket, use hot soapy water to clean and then use a hosepipe to wash down. The frame is made out of steel, so to stop rusting, you will need to keep it covered when you are not using it. 

Garden furniture Covers

A furniture cover is a great idea even if you are planning to store furniture indoors during the winter. They help to keep it protected from the weather and keep it clean.

Types of Delivery 

We reguarly use third party courier services to deliver our garden furniture to address' further afield from us. Some of these couriers will delivery via a pallet which will be up to you to discard of and also it may only be a kerb side drop. If this is an issue for you, please let us know prior to the order. For customers closer to home, we tend to use our own delivery drivers who will be able to bring the furniture into a suitable area for you. For more information on the types of deliveries we offer, please contact us via email or phone.