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Charcoal vs Gas BBQ's

Not sure whether to go Charcoal or Gas?

There are different factors you should consider, and a lot of those factors come down to your own individual preference. Gas offers convenience compared to charcoal giving you that authentic way of cooking with charcoal.

Gas BBQ’s offer the perfect temperature at a touch of a button, allowing you to cook on the grill a lot quicker than a charcoal BBQ. If you need to adjust the temperature, it is a simple and confident process to control. Gas BBQ’s are generally less dirty as well in terms of the ash and soot from the charcoal.

Saying that, Charcoal BBQ’s and smokers give you that distinct flavour that cooking on a BBQ is so addictive for everyone. The way you must build your fire is a skill many people are proud to say they can do. Using charcoal to cook over is that authentic way many of us love to cook over and introducing smokers and smoking wood chunks, takes your food to a whole new level.

At the end of the day, you need to buy a BBQ that is right for you, for the way you are going to use it and the way you want to cook on it. It is a decision so many people have had to make in the past, and you are not going to be the last person to consider this!

We are here to help with our knowledge and experience to help guide you to the perfect BBQ you need.